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Why Would You Ask Something Like That?

Discount Rats Are Stubborn, And Never Learn

Discountrat1From: The Bagel Of Everything

I used to work at a used book store. Since used items are unique, our prices varied greatly.

Customers were always asking us to lower the price, but we had a rule that we couldn't once and item was on the sales floor -- else we'd be haggling all day everyday.

We'd explain this, but people never got it. I wasn't there long before I noticed it was the same few dozen people who haggled.

They never got their discounts, but they never stopped trying.

--The Bagel Of Everything



Print out sign, tape to counter, point wordlessly to it when someone tries to haggle. Print out second sign for when they ignore the first 'Yes, we really mean it. This is not a garage sale, a flea market, used car lot or the Middle East.'

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