I'm Afraid Of Getting Off The Train In This Part Of Town
Mesmerizing New Year's Eve Fireworks From Dubai

Happy New Year!


I wish I was at the party these two were at!

Happy New Year RHU! May 2014 have as little hell as possible and become your best year yet!

If you've not seen the above pic, it's Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart (he tweeted it). Besides being legendary, they look like a lot of fun to be around. Patrick tweets many pics of them doing goofy things together as friends.



I wonder if Santa is shitting his pants - Gandolf on one knee, Captain Picard on the other!



I so want to be at their dinner table! Tho Patrick looks a bit maniacal!



And I definitely want to drink with them! I bet they have some insane stories!




heavy melvanova

No one else can rock a bowler like these guys!

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