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Happy New Year!


I wish I was at the party these two were at!

Happy New Year RHU! May 2014 have as little hell as possible and become your best year yet!

If you've not seen the above pic, it's Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart (he tweeted it). Besides being legendary, they look like a lot of fun to be around. Patrick tweets many pics of them doing goofy things together as friends.



I wonder if Santa is shitting his pants - Gandolf on one knee, Captain Picard on the other!



I so want to be at their dinner table! Tho Patrick looks a bit maniacal!



And I definitely want to drink with them! I bet they have some insane stories!



Things You Didn't Know About Organic Food Hell!

DumbcustyaFrom: Organic Hell

To: Everyone who has ever shopped at an organic market

  • Not every animal can get to enjoy nutrients from grass. Chickens and pigs cannot sustain themselves on grass alone!
  • I don't know when "x" is going on sale. Just because "x" went on sale this time last year, does not mean it will again.
  • Everyone in [big name health food market] is not a vegan.
  • There are no vegan products in the meat department.
  • Please don't call and ask for prices for everything in a fresh case, or for long lists of things you don't really care about.
  • Pork has fat. Please do not ask for fat free "x" pork product.
  • Bacon has some sugar.
  • Some of the sausages made in house might contain gluten.
  • Everything doesn't need to be organic to be good for you.
  • There is no such thing as organic salt or ice.
  • Tofu bacon is a lie.
  • For a tender roast, it needs to have some fat.
  • If you are going to put down 100 bucks for a roast, please don't ask us for step by step cooking instructions. Recipes online are your friend. Libraries are still around.
  • All fat is not the devil.
  • Duck has natural occurring trans fat.
  • Don't complain about what little fat there is on a chicken. It will cook off.
  • Don't hog all the employees attention. Other costumers might need help too.
  • Natural food spoils. Don't like it? Then go to Walmart and eat meat that has been stuffed full of God knows what, and will last you till the zombie apocalypse, or until you understand what I wrote in the first sentence.
  • Walmart: just don't bring up how things are cheaper there.
  • And lastly, we run out of things just like everyone else.