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TaTa Ria

We get this during Hurricane season (June - December). Ever since Rita, (I think it was Rita), once a storm enters the Gulf, everyone goes nuts and starts a stampede for emergency supplies.

Rita is also known for the disastrous evacuation order that brought the area into complete gridlock.

I was "essential personnel" so I avoided that, since I wasn't "allowed" to leave.


Yep, Snowmageddon around here the instant snow starts falling. "Oh my god, I have to get water, and milk, and groceries that can be cooked without power" takes over in an instant.

And they drive like fucking morons! You've got a 4x4, the road has maybe 5 snowflakes on it per quarter mile, you have no right to do 10 miles per hour up a hill. Also, there's no reason to pile on the brakes a half mile away from the stop sign in a school zone on a Sunday. There's not that much snow yet.

These then become the same people who wreck when the first real snow falls, they get brave, and floor it, suddenly finding out the hard way that, hey, guess what, snow and ice are slippery.


If people had a couple days supplies on hand, they wouldn't freak out every time a little snow fell.

SpookShow Baby

Well, here in North Texas a little snow is actually a big problem because we don't have the means to handle it. The ice- pocolypse we already went through killed at least 3 people on the roads. One girl lost control on a bridge over a lake and went over. Her family is suing the city because the plowing on the bridge was done wrong apparently and created an ice ramp that her family says is how her truck got over the barrier. She might have been alright if she was in a place used to handling those conditions. Winter precipitation 'round there parts is no joke, no matter how little there is.


I can understand a little snow being a problem in Texas. What I'm saying is that people in areas that get snow every year in reasonable quantities should learn that snow falls, life goes on. Half an inch of snow is not a reason to drive like a damned idiot, then wonder why you got in a crash with the neighbor's pine tree.

Now I understand that in Texas, it's usually warm enough to not snow. I understand that because of that, no one knows how to drive in snow, nor prepare for snow.

Up here in Illinois, we get snow every bloody year, and people drive like idiots and morons. Quarter inch on the ground? Let's drive 2 MPH and make everyone else late. 6 inches just fell and the plows haven't shown up? Let's get out the tuner car and get stuck, then complain. Plows just went through and made everything into slush? Let's go drifting in the minivan and wonder why the cops pulled me over. Meanwhile, those of us who haven't completely lost our minds at the first snowfall have to be extra careful because these idiots are doing their best to take others with them on their crash-course driving experience.


I've been told that in some parts of Missouri that it's referred to as "French toast weather" b/c the panicky run out for milk, eggs, & bread before they're snowed in!


Ugh, I hate snow. Hope we don't very many snow falls this winter. So far none.

TaTa Ria

French Toast Run?? I Think I'll do just that!


Try being in the pizza delivery business. 2 snowflakes fall in my area and the phones literally light up for many hours. and that does NOT cover the idiots who live in the area and have experienced SNOW storms every single YEAR of their lives. Either they drive like maniacs (20 above the speed limit) or 5 MPH. There is NO middle ground for those of us EXPEREINCED in driving in this crap


Heh. One year, we had a few inches of snow in my town, and it turned into the Snowpocalypse! We had one guy come in and start mouthing off abour how he was from the Midwest, and that this kind of snow was nothing, etc. Not more than half an hour later, he comes back. He wrapped his car sideways into a tree. In this town, we have hills, and they don't go with snow.

Trucker Bitch

Unlike most of Canada, my part doesn't get much snow and what we do get usually melts within a couple of days. Hell, they had to truck in snow for the Olympics from a national park three hrs or more away. That was something. My parents and I went to watch one of the curling events and were admiring the lilac trees in bloom.

We don't do The Panic over three flakes, but no one knows how to drive in the shit.


(sits in a month of 80 degree weather in Florida) What is this 'snow' you speak of? (hides under desk to avoid barrage of snowballs)

We have the same problem here with rain. Three drops of rain hit the ground and suddenly everyone is driving 5 mph on the interstate with their hazard lights on. Despite the fact that the specific description of hazard lights is 'This vehicle is a hazard', not 'it's raining'. All the dumbasses that come to Florida to avoid winter drive exactly the same way everyone above is describing snow-drivers... either 5 mph or 500. One drive home on the interstate, I saw three separate SUVs upside down in the ditch... on a slight hill in a straight line. That takes TALENT.

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