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Terrifying Coworker Makes A Hostile Enviornment, And Carries Weapons

C4From: Candieaddict

There once was a guy at my job named A-man. A-man was nice at first, until he started forming an attitude. He would dictate to me what I should be doing (he was never the manager) and stating what he WOULD do to the other girls if he was manager, including firing them. He would also like to play around with equipment on our set. This equipment included receipt machines, the cash register drawer, the flash on the cameras, the cameras, etc. You get the picture.

Well, let's get to the fun part of yesterday. He was getting a really bad attitude that day. It started when myself and this other gal were at register. There was a customer waiting,but we were answering another lady's question. SO A-man comes over, shoves the other girl into me, and hops on register. There is NO room back here for 3 people. None. Barely any for 2. So we tell the manager and she gets him out after he snaps at her. Later, he starts playing with the flash on the camera, making it go off repeatedly. As someone with a history of seizures, that COULD make me have one and NO ONE on set would know what to do about it.

Later, we're clocking out for a break. He goes "Can you put my apron down there," after I had been standing there for 4 others to clock out so I could.

I'm starving at this point. I said, "No, I'd like to clock out."

He mumbles "Jesus Christ" under his breath, slams his apron where he wants it and leaves.

Then after break, I had called dibs on one camera but had to quickly jump to the other cause HE wasn't doing HIS job. I catch him at my camera, and tell him, "I'd like to be on this camera," when he told me to get back to the other one.

Xmas2009 041xHe starts mumbling going "It's just a camera, Jesus Christ."

I told him, "Stop taking your attitude out on me," and he storms off. He starts lunging at the other girls, throws his apron down, and storms off set.

In the end, he got fired, and I'm pretty sure he wanted to punch me in the face at some point. Now we're to a point where if he comes back to the set, we have to call security on him.

And let's just say I'm terrified of that cause the man keeps a KNIFE and BRASS KNUCKLES on him. What do I have? A cell phone and I'm the FIRST one there in the mornings. work day should be fun.



Sales Agent Guy

Jeez, that guy should've been arrested!


Creep. Flashes are dangerous to people who get seizures. That's how I found out that my coworker gets crazy-scary migraines from those. I was careful not to handle a camera like that around her again.

Damn Yankee

If you're afraid for your safety and you're alone in the mornings, call the local non-emergency police number. Tell them what happened, and ask if it's possible to have an officer watch or patrol around the area. In my area, the local Kroger let someone go and they were afraid he'd come back and cause trouble. A cop sat in the lot for three or four days and kept an eye on things.


Thanks for the comments, and for posting this!

I worked the day shift I had after this incident with no issues. I had my dad come in with me, and hid in the break room with a co-worker until the rest of our team showed up :)


Stay safe.

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