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Awesome Service Shout Out: Stuffed Wolf Gets Surgery With A Little Boy

Wolf surgery
THIS will restore your faith in humanity.

Meet 9-year-old Joshua. He recently had to go in for surgery and was so nervous that he brought along his stuffed wolf. The wolf had a tear in its leg, so Joshua asked if his doctor could do a wolf surgery too.

His parents said 'no.'

But when they walked into the recovery room to see their son, they discovered the little wolf laying next to him; this time, with a surgical mask, a little cast, and surgical quality sutures in his leg.

We think the entire surgical staff deserves some serious respect and love for this act of kindness. 

--Born This Way Foundation


Dammit... got something in my eye... where's the tissue... *HONK*

I would place a money bet on that little boy remembering the kindness of the doctors for a lot longer than he remembers the pain of his own stitches.

We at RHU salute and celebrate every special gesture made by these extra special people!




That is full on Adorable. Thank you to the Doctors, Nursse, Assistants, Whomever who took the few minutes out of their day to repair this little boys wolf AND fashion a cast for the little guy.

Zellie Crescent

Those are some good doctors. :)

Jason Thorn

To the staff responsible:

Stay classy, you magnificent people, for attending to ALL the wounds people suffer from.




*grabs at heart* Goddamn I think that hit dead center. I'm gonna go cry a man.

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