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The last archemedianFrom: RHU Facebook, The Last Archimedean

I have a bad cold and needed to get medicine, so I stopped at the local drugstore chain this morning to pick some up. It's a slow time of day, so they only have one checker. I'm next in line when the customer in front of me starts pitching a fit about how her coupons aren't all being scanned. 

Cashier [resigned tone]: Ma'am, you can't combine these two offers. This coupon says clearly "not valid with any other offer."

Customer: Bullshit! Gimme my fucking discount, you bitch!

Cashier: I can use either of these two, but not both of them. This one is for 10% off your entire purchase, and this one is for 20% off [one specific item]. The 10% off your entire purchase will save you more money but it's up to you which one you want to use: you can choose either one and use the other one next time you shop here, provided you do it before February 1. Which *one* of these coupons shall I scan for you today?

Customer: BOTH of them, you dumb cunt!

Cashier: I can only scan one, ma'am. Please choose which one you want to use.

Customer: You will scan them both, you fucking asshole-eating dyke!

Me [sick, tired, and wanting to get the hell out of there with my cold medicine]: Lady, shut up and pay for your crap! [my voice sounds like I'm at death's door, even though all I have is a cold]

Customer: Butt out, dickhead!

Me: If you don't shut up and pay in the next 15 seconds I'll come over there and cough on you.

Customer: Use the 10% off coupon. [She beats a very hasty retreat after paying as quickly as possible]

Cashier [as I'm paying]: Thanks. *giggling* Try not to breathe in my direction.

--The Last Archimedean


Michael Chandra

What I don't get is, couldn't she have run them up as two separate transactions, one for the single item at 20%, and one for the rest at 10%?


i think if the cashier tried to explain that to the custy the custy would be too far gone to understand.

Sales Agent Guy

This deserves a Retail Balls Award!


I second the award. :D

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