Discount Rat Gets Thwarted By A Cold Carrying TLA
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I am afraid for the 2 cars. if the red car's owner is a jerk enough to park like that he/she is jerk enough to ram both cars in order to escape


I'm sure they got the licence # for the ensuing insurance and police reports.

Trucker Bitch

Might be able to move the little car "in front" of the red one, but I doubt it could move the pick up "behind" it.


I wonder if someone with a crap, little car would actually park like that, or if this was a joke. My husband's co-workers once picked up and moved my little car into a similar situation while we were out to lunch in his car. They used to play practical jokes on each other all the time, but only involved me that once. My car was quickly lifted and moved back into place by the boys after one look at my husband's face. ;-D


Sarah; might be parked like that because the reverse gear is gone in the transmission. That used to be a common mode of failure in my old Beetles... but I was never douche enough to park like that. I either drove through or parked on a bit of a hill so I could roll back.

That being said, I'm more inclined to believe the picture is staged.


At my old job parking sucked. If you were on evening shift you could have half a mile hike from your car to the door. One day I parked in a narrow temporary lot that they had created while another bigger lot was being built and had someone park behind me (between the two rows of cars) effectively blocking eight cars in with hers. I had an appointment and had to leave early that day, came out, saw her car, attempted to go around (bumping her car a little in the process - oops) and finally just drove over the curb to get out. The thing is parking sucked, but there was still parking available in the back of the main lot so she could have found an actual spot if she was willing to look.

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