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Season Of Return Hell: Not Taking Crap At Walgreens

Jason Cigar 2From: Walgreens Photo God

Yeah, I've had managers that cave in to bitchy custys. Not me. Never. If you whine I will ask "Do you want some cheese with that whine?" (read: wine)

Temper tantrums? Ok you're not 5. If you're gonna stomp your feet, get all red in the face and curse me out then excuse me while I laugh the whole time.

No receipt? If we carry it you get store credit. No ifs, ands or buts.

Say you'll never shop here again? good, you're doing myself and my entire staff a favor. We don't need nasty people causing scenes and ruining everyone's day because you didn't get laid this week. Buy a dildo. Next!

--Walgreens Photo God


Sales Agent Guy

I envy you being able to ask them that infamous question. If I did that, I'd either get written up or fired.

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