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Season Of Return Hell: Phrases We Hate With A Burning Passion

Bad returnersFrom:Tina

WTF??? I can't count the times people think we just changed our return policy yesterday...

"When did you start that?"

"I will never shop here again!"

"That is the worst return policy ever!"

"Target will do it!"

"I'm going to Walmart!"

"But it was a gift!"

"I don't read receipts!"

"I bought here 2 months ago, I paid cash!"

ON and on the idiots are driving me insane! I said I was going to give gold stars to the piggys who did remember their receipts....




"I don't read receipts"?

I hate it when people try to use that as an excuse. Rules still apply even when you don't bother to learn about them.

Book Diver

I had a girl a few days ago try to return a book bought TWO YEARS ago. She started off with a speech about how books never expire. True, but when I told her we couldn't take it, she changed from a sixteen-year-old to a two-year-old and whined, "WHYYYYYYY?"

Sales Agent Guy

At our store, we have a policy that if you buy a holiday item on clearance, the sale is final. I've had at least one customer whine about this, but thankfully most of the customers who made returns did so while they were still being sold at regular price and were able to return them properly.

Chubby McSteamy

"Can't you look it up"

"How about if I bring in my bank/credit card statement?"

"Why can't I just get the cash?"


My favorite complaint right now is "but debit is cash". Like no, its not. I understand it draws the money straight from the bank But its not the same. I think I'm going to start giving lectures from my economics class next time I hear that phrase.

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