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Repeat the mantra one thousand times.
"Leggings are not pants. Leggings are not pants. Leggings are not pants."


She might as well not have pants on.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Here's a simple test, ladies: if a GUY wore flesh-colored leggings at work, how would you react?


Leggings are good for a lot of things. Like ballet practice. Or a yoga session. Or wearing under skirts/dresses instead of panty hose/stockings.

Leggings are NOT cool while at work. Leggings are not everyday pants. YUCK.

The Singing Library Clerk

I used to wear leggings - under cut off jeans. That way I could wear the cut offs without the strings bothering my legs.

I'd never wear them on their own.

laurie stekkler

I think guys look so hot in leggings! I love when they wear them alone! I love looking at that hot shaft and big Balls! So Hot! I myself hold no taboo loosen up world!I love wearing mine write up my ass so if I loosen up you can see my hot peach from behind!With the exception of having my period I wear those shiny black and specifically pull them inside my hot little camel toe !get so hot and wet when I know guys are looking!

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