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Bad Business Decisions: Planned Outages Mean They're Open, But Not Open

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So happy that I don't have to work today! 

The company does what's called a "planned outage" every so often, usually on a Sunday. This means that we can't do anything - no upgrades or activations, no debit or credit transactions, not even cash sales for accessories, now that our POS is web based. 

Yet, we still have to open. So for the two staff lucky enough to be working that Sunday, we get paid about an extra $6 an hour, just to sit there and say, "Sorry! systems are down, so we can't help you." 

You can only imagine how many people get pissed off and say "Well why are you even open then?!"

As if we want to be there...



Fellow Slave

Gee, if that happens....
I'd think my bosses would just leave the doors shut if you can't ring up sales and just do replenishment/restocking or something....

Former Grocery Slave

Makes no sense to waste the payroll on having people in and the doors unlocked if you can't actually have any business! What do they have you do on those days?

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