Piggy Custys: A Lack Of Respect
Retail Robin: This Should Be Obvious, But...



They're the same company. This is the second time I've seen a "busted" where they were both the same company.

Next time Google it. And you people complain that customers jump to conclusions and are too lazy to check things...


*sigh* @Me there seems to be a misunderstanding happening here.

1) Freddy makes a few dollars on ads that are clicked. I only occasionally make a few bucks on the very rare chance that I write an article with links to another company. We are essentially unpaid to bring this site to you.

2) We are not charging you money to view and enjoy our site's content. It is free, and a labor of love, shared frustration and the wish to give retail workers a voice. We don't actually owe you anything if you happen to spot a mistake or nit pick at something.

3) We both have lives beyond this site. That means there's a narrow window in which to find things, schedule content, and make sure that you have something new to look at. There is a very HIGH chance that things we spot and giggle at will never be background checked. Quite frankly if we did (even a quick google search each time) can more than double the time it takes to get this site prepped for the next day.

Don't rebuke us when you yourself have no understanding of what happens behind the scenes. We do our best, we try to find humor (even black humor or humor that may be offensive to some people) and we move on. So no, I'm afraid your demand that we "next time google it" will be declined.

Cosmetics Hellhound

Sad, I remember when this site was quality over quantity.
I'd rather have fewer posts that are fact checked and quality controlled than what's been happening the past year and a half or so. I end up skipping past so many stories that are either boring or a copy/paste from Huffington Post.




Oh wow! That was so hard!

I find it seriously disappointing that you apparently can't spend the 10 seconds it took for me to fact check that post with a simple google search and immediately realize what has already been posted here.

Reading your rebuttal @Me after taking into consideration my previous point makes you look like a petulant moron.


^ This.

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