And I'm Sure The Bartender Thanks The Management For This Sign...
Poll: What's The Most Repulsive Thing A Customer Has Ever Said To You?


The Singing Library Clerk

Let's be honest, that's the kind of thing people who never get any sex and actually stress out about it write. If you're actually having sex or at least mature enough you don't care you're not having sex, you don't write immature crap like this.


Goddamn militant homosexuals. Proving to the intolerant people he's trying to shock and awe that we're productive sane members of society isn't accomplished by stunts like this. It just gives them more ammo to hate.


The guy who wrote this was a fuckwit. Not in an "I hate gays so I hate this guy" kind of way, but in an "If I wrote I had pre-marital sex in this bed I'd a be fuckwit" kind of way.

Meeting hate with hate doesn't solve anything. All it achieves is proving that you're a douchecanoe.

Wently Jones

Better that then the Bible in my motel room that someone crapped into.


I see nothing wrong with this. Suppose it was a deeply closeted Republican state congressman who knew he could never tell anyone he knew, so instead he told God by writing it down in the Gideon Bible.

If I were the hotel worker, I would take a red pen and add "Glad you enjoyed your stay! We have replaced the mattress and cleaned the sheets, as always, to our exacting quality standards. Our wireless internet also supports PostSecret.Com for all your travel secret needs." in my neatest penmanship beneath it, then left it for the next guest. Hospitality, at least among the concierges I once worked with, meant that NOTHING shocked us. NOTHING. If a patron had found a dead hooker, we would have apologized and gotten them a different room before making complimentary coffee for the investigating officers of the police. This sort of thing would read as just another guest compliment.


Okay who left their thirteen-year-old in the room with a Sharpie?


I once saw a hotel Bible with "Jesus Dies" written inside the front cover.


Augh! Spoilers!

( :D )

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