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RHU March Madness: Wronged Workers, Crazy People Hell, Manic Mannequins, Insane Signage


Greetings RHUers!

Going forward we will be having themes each month on RHU and we'd love to see what you can come up with by joining in the fun and sending us your pics, videos, and stories!

We don't know why, but something's telling us there is a lot of crazy in the air as Spring tries to kick Winter's ass. What better time to for a little cray cray on the Underground!

Welcome to RHU's March Madness!

Here are some topics for you to engage in:


Crazy People Hell

You know these people. We've all seen them and dealt with them. There are hundreds like them wandering around without their meds every day. And they always crop up just when you DARE to think that your day will go pleasantly. Often times they are know as Crustys on RHU. But crazy custys can also be funny, wacky and peculiar.

Let us know about these people and share stories about:

  • Bizarre, nonsensical conversations
  • Talking to themselves with no Bluetooth in sight
  • Asking strangely specific questions
  • Freaking out and ranting like lunatics over policies that have existed for years
  • Seeking products that probably never existed
  • A hundred other types of WTFery that random strangers do and say

We can relate to your confusion and the feeling of your sanity snapping as the phone mumbler asked for a "po frub" or the crazy hat lady who wants a vase with a "pure blue color."

Share them with us so we can laugh, groan and facepalm.

Stories can also be custys you've wittnessed while being a custy! 



Manic Mannequins

There really wasn't anything we could do. The RHU mannequins have been pissy for a long time and they're demanding more blogging posts. And we've learned on the Underground, there's nothing worse than a pissed off mannequin. So we are giving them what they want RHU!

Freddy's Mannequin Masoleum has quite a few openings, send us your weirdest, creepiest, sillest, and snootiest manic manequins.



Insane Signage

There must be millions of dumbasses out there making millions of insane signs everyday and we want to see them! If you see a sign out there that makes you go WTF? send it to us!

  • poor grammar
  • bad spelling
  • makes no sense
  • double meanings
  • wrong labels
  • anything else that tickles your funny bone or raises your eyebrows


Wronged Workers

Here's a theme that will probably hit closer to home than most Retail Slaves would like to admit. It's time to share the stories where you were Wronged... by bosses, by corporate, even by coworkers.

  • Were you illegally fired?
  • Was there a trumped up "reason" for letting you go?
  • Were you fired for "attendance" problems when you've never missed a day in your XX years of working for the company?
  • How about that asshole coworker who sabotaged you?
  • The boss who hated you from Day One and wrote you up for hundreds of infractions that you weren't even present to commit just to justify getting fired?
  • The time you got a call saying [loved one was in the hospital ER], and the boss told you that if you went to be by their side, you would be terminated?
  • A natural disaster occurs (fire/flood/tornado/hurricane), or you demanded better treatment, and the company decides to simply shut down the location because "letting go" of 20+ employees was the easiest way out?

Whatever the "reason," whatever the story, please share it with us. One of the worst experiences in a retail slave's life is to be wronged by your employer. Perhaps some Retail Veterans have some advice to offer you!




Okay RHU! We want to see how crazy you can get in the midst of RHU's March Maddness! We have plenty of whiskey and Girl Scout cookies standing by.

As always, send your submissions to

Show us your cray cray!






Credit Card Pushing: Crap For Both Sides Of The Counter

Jason oh my gawdFrom: Green Boy

I bought some things at Macy's the other day. I took advantage of the clearance rack to get some gifts. When I was at the register, I told the woman that I didn't want the credit card.

She kept insisting and even turned the computer to show me how much money I would have saved. It's so fucking annoying - for both the customer and the associate (I'm sure).

A company that forces total rudeness makes me want it less. Duh!

--Green Boy