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Inventory Hell: Right After Christmas Hell

Carolanne chugFrom: Tina

Here's true Inventory Hell:

A toy store just after Christmas, we have our "in-vomit-ory" the NEXT Thursday. I have spent at least three days on my knees: sorting piles of mismatched shoes, all of which ALSO need to be marked down...

Then there are the open packs of socks and underwear, since NOBODY knows what size their brats feet and asses are.

I made it simple... I marked every shoe, regardless of size or brand, down to $4.00.

The hope was that they would all be bought before we have to count them for the big day. My boss thought it was a great idea, so that was a double win! I can only guess that he was as sick of sorting through the mess as the rest of us were.



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