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Piggy Custys: A Lack Of Respect

Carolanne Cute n sassyFrom: Surrido

I am always respectful of fitting rooms and clothing aisles. It bothers me that someone would walk through and aisle or push their cart through one and let their kid knock a stack of clothes on to the floor.

I took my son clothes shopping 2 years ago, and the woman waiting at the counter actually thanked me before I left because my son was also polite and respectful about his clothes purchases.

If someone walked in my house and started throwing clothes on the floor, I think I'd be a little upset, so why should the customer think they are any better?



Chubby McSteamy

I've heard people tell their kids "Oh just leave that, they pay people to pick things up"

Bored at the Bookstore

However (paint me Devil's Advocate here for a moment) - some stores cram so much stuff onto the racks, and so many racks into the available space, that it's nearly impossible to navigate through the department without knocking something over. I'm one of the unfortunates who uses a mobility cart, and there have been many times that I could NOT maneuver through an aisle because it was too narrow - and have had to back out many times because the corners were too tight to allow a turn at the inner end. And while I try to pick up stuff that falls, sometimes it's just too painful (and impossibly crowded) to do so. There have been times that I had to exit the cart and try to shove a rack aside, just to escape a department. it's either that, or sit there and holler for assistance. Which, in our local Tar-jay and Wal-Hell, is just about non-existent. And would be totally embarrassing!

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