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Crazy People Encounters: Cheese Goes Bad, And It's The Deli Slave's Fault?

Carolanne Argh 2From: Iliketurtles

At the moment, I'm studying in a really smaaaall town and the only job I found that pays good is one of the 4 grocery/supermarket stores here. And for sure we have a lot of crazies!

So.. one day I'm in the ham/cheese/olives/meat 'department' and as I'm finishing the deliveries I hear a loud; ''XCUSE MISS' and I spend the next 20 minutes explaining her than her precious Regato won't be spoiled if she keep it in the fridge for 1 week.

Two weeks after she comes in again, looking angry and screaming. After I get call out from the register to the deli she turns and literally screams/spits on my face. She's waving the rotten cheese and saying that she left her cheese outside the fridge, and it went bad!

It took her another twenty minutes to understand that if you leave this kind of cheese (a local one, expensive and sensitive as hell) outside the fridge long enough, it won't just go rotten; there'll be a fucking whole new world developing upon it.

Although another memorable moment of my life was a soccer mum asking me why I gave her 'penis shaped sausages' in front of the precious hellspawn.

They are handmade, meaty sausages ma'am! They're meant to be shaped like this, all sausages are for fuck's sake!

Oh the joy of working at the grocery..





WTF, penis shaped sausages?! Was that woman living under a rock?


Don't let her near the cucumbers, for God's sakes!


Or the zucchini.

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