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Wronged Workers: We Don't Like You, And How Dare You Prove Us Wrong!

Jason neckFrom: Hedgie

It's happened more than a few times for me; makes me wish that the US required cause for termination.

1) My first job: Got fired when a consultant from corporate came in and decided he didn't like me since I was the "goth kid." I also had the gall to point out that his repainting the cafe left each half of the store a different nasty colour of brown. This despite having the highest sales on night shifts by a long-shot.

Got re-hired after he was caught stealing from the company with a raise and promotion soon to follow (at least this one ended well).

2) It happened a couple weeks after the manager called me screaming that I was an hour late.

I pointed out that I wasn't due in for another two hours and she flipped and demanded that I get there "right now." I even did her the courtesy of showing her the schedule that *she* had made.

I ultimately got fired for not having cleavage (I was the only male who worked up front). If we had decent employee protection laws, I could have taken them for far more than I could have ever made working there.



Wronged Worker Mini: Trying To Help But Broke Labor Laws

Carolanne chugFrom: FriendlyNotFlirty

I got fired for a dumb mistake, although my manager told me if it happened again, I'd be on probation.

My manager got married (yay for her!!) and I had to pull doubles all weekend. This meant I was doing sixteen hour shifts, in addition to the fifty or so hours I'd already worked that week.

Excuse me for trying to help. :/

The saddest part? I really loved that job.