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Special Snowflake Teenagers And Their Helicopter Parents

Carolanne facepalmGrey Face here with a little rant about one of the things that really used to annoy me working in retail - does anyone else see this?

Special Snowflake Teenagers and their Helicopter Parents.

See, here's the thing. Where I was working, the managers were pretty nice - honestly, they were, I've worked with worse people.

And I also get it can be tough in your first job but seriously - if you can't talk to an adult to get the job, how do you expect to talk to customers?

Genuine examples included:

- The girl and her mother who came up to the till with her CV and the mother asked if we had part time jobs. Once I realised it was for the teenager I began directly all my questions to her, and not once did she answer, she just looked to her mother who spoke for her. A week later said mother rang to ask why her daughter hadn't been given an interview. Perhaps because she couldn't even look me in the eye once and didn't add anything to the conversation?

- The boy whose Mum came into our store for every single one of his shifts and would hover near him when he was recovering sections and 'help him' and talk and whenever a manager walked nearby would demand that we tell the two of them how well they were doing.

- The boy who came in and told us he was going on holiday next week in the middle of the summer. When we told him he had to book at least two weeks in advance and it was already fully booked anyway, his parents plagued us with several phone calls a day telling us that he needed the time off, until we gave in just to have them stop wasting our time.

Jason and then- The girl who failed to show up for any shifts for three weeks, and then showed up expecting her usual Saturday shift and when we told her that since she had ignored all our phone calls and letters for three weeks we weren't employing her anymore. Again, Daddy came in and shouted at us and the female managers till they were nearly in tears because didn't we know that his daughter had exams and was too busy to even manage a courtesy phone call?

- The girl who was always late, always turning up crying over boyfriend troubles and being sent home because she couldn't work. One week we sat her down and explained this wasn't acceptable anymore, and all the time we sat with her, she nodded, and seemed fine and understood what we were saying. The moment she left the office she ran out to her Mum on the sales floor and burst into tears then let her Mum come through the staff only door where she proceeded to yell at us for upsetting her daughter.

I could go on, honestly, about parents who basically wanted their children to only have to work when it suited them. Parents who got annoyed their children had to work Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, parents who expected us to grant their little darlings an indefinite amount of paid holiday and yet also got annoyed when their kids wanted overtime and we wouldn't hand over the extra shifts because the staff member had been so unreliable, parents who wanted special service when they came in, but treat the managers like shit.

Basically. If you work in retail. Don't let your own Mum and Dad be customers from hell.

--Grey Face




My mom asked about a job for me once. I was incredibly sick (not contagious, but still sick), so she drove me to the urgent care. Before going, we stopped at the gas station right by the clinic to get some water. She heard the manager talking about a girl who had just quit and asked if the position would be available soon. It was, I filled out the app, interviewed, and got hired. I'm still at that station a year later.

Rachel Glenn

Neither of my parents asked for jobs for me. My mom wanted me to do it on my own, and my dad didn't give a shit what I did anyway.

Crazy parents are crazy.

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