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Wronged Workers: Comeuppance Hits A Nursery For Breaking Laws

Wronged slavesFrom: TheMathsNinja

My first job I was at for a little over a year. Because it was just helping at a Nursery, you were legally allowed to work there from 13.

Anyway, the day after my 16th Birthday I got into work and was immediately called over by a manager. I was told that they were firing me, because they hired two 13 year olds, and they could be paid less than me.

It's not the first time they did this either; one woman returned from maternity leave to find her job had been given to someone else, and she no longer worked there. Another woman was refused paid maternity leave all together.

On a good note, they have now been forced to close down, after we all grouped together and contacted the local council. The council started an investigation in which they were found guilty of breaking multiple laws, forced to pay a fine, close down, and were banned from opening another nursery :-)



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