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Spritzy 1From: Spritzy

My degree in Creative Youth Literary Illustration (Drawing the pictures for kid's books) is probably useless... In this podunk nowhere town it is anyway. Heck I've had the B.A. for almost 4 years and I'm still stuck at Crap-All-In-One-Mart. Hah. ^_^

It's all in the wording though; you can really impress people just by changing a few words. The simple description for my degree is "Children's Illustration" and a lot of people are like "...What's that? you draw pictures of kids?"

So I use the fancier term so they just get dumbfounded and leave me alone. *head-desk*

Speaking of head-desk...did you know that banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour?

So you're not a're a Transactional Product Exchange Technician.

Yay for big words!




Miss BonBon

When I was a cleaner, one of my coworkers had a sign on the cleaning room door with the job title of "Asset Maintenance Technician."


I keep getting told I am too smart to work at a petrol station. I don't hold any qualifications but I do that strange thing called "reading" and it freaks people out. Having a brain and independent thought shocks people and yet I like my job and am happy there.

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