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Retail Slave Sells More Foam Than Coffee

Barista hellFrom: N/A

I've always thought they should sell specialty drinks by weight. I'm sure they're meant to be standardized, but they're really not.

At our local book and coffee store there's one guy who puts in a ton of foam and another who puts in very little foam. I swear I get more coffee buying a small latte from low-foam guy than I get paying for a large from lotta-foam guy.

I've tried asking for less foam but apparently he's just not capable of filling the cup more than half full of coffee.

I just have to get plain coffee or something iced when he's on duty.





Sandy P

This would be why I always order my drunks with no foam.


On the bright side, it's just the foam/milk ratio that's going to differ, you'd still get the same amount of actual coffee in the mix. Still sucks that it ends up essentially half air though. I wonder how much foam the guy ends up adding when attempting to do a flat white?

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