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Wronged Workers: Bitch Manager Out To Get WeatherGuy10, Ignores Availability

Wronged workersFrom: WeatherGuy10

Keeping in sync with previous unfairness at work stories, I'm going to share one of my own.

Gas station stories will come in due time, but this is regarding my first job at a restaurant that I started my senior year of high school. This restaurant is known across the country, but it was new to my area at the time; they take pride in their sandwiches and soups. I, along with several other friends, applied and worked at this place during that year. They needed young workers and we needed job experience so it worked out well in that regard.

With it being my senior year, I was preparing for college and some of the best things that I could do beside start working was volunteering. After school program for kids, library, and helping at the local nursing home coupled with homework and the new job really kept me busy. Oh yeah, and then there's the free time with friends and family that was important too.

Well, this job started out alright with 10 to 12 hours a week. Of course the first day on the job I was practically thrown on the prep line without any help from the manager on duty that night. He was no help but later it was determined that he would lock himself in the manager's room and sleep on the job. Employees knocked on the door for help but received no response so they got another manager from home to call in and he basically dug his grave there. So, he was fired not long after I started.

It was a struggle for me to keep up with their rather demanding pace even after that, but one of the managers who was like a mom to us all really helped me along and I got the hang of things a few months in. Then Bitch Manager came to the store. Sure, she was seemingly nice and a lot of my friends who worked there had no issues with her most of the time, but she was one of those "out to get you" managers for me.

Manager from hellSo here's where it began. I volunteered on Saturdays at the library. But one Saturday they were going to be closed. So, I told work that I could cover day shift that day if they needed help. Now, I know for a fact that I had stressed only that one day. Bitch Manager took that as every Saturday thereafter. So, when I saw my schedule for another week when I would be volunteering again, I got scared and asked another manager at the time if I could be taken off for those Saturdays after explaining the situation. He helped me out of course. The job was one thing, but in my mind at the time, I was volunteering to get into college and that my commitment to the library was more important.

Afterwards, I went in to get my paycheck and Bitch Manager was there and out of the blue asked to speak with me in the office. Confused, I went in and she gave the "talk" about how she worked hard to get me a spot to work and then I just go and blow her off. I tried to tell her again that that one day was the only one I could give at the time. It was me trying to get more hours for that week and to help out since I had free time. But she didn't see it that way and pretty much overlooked what I said. She then gave me the "do better next time" speech and I left seething. After that I started noticing a decline in hours at work. Projects and tests were upon me at the time so I didn't think much about it until my name was written on the schedule with 0 hours for three weeks and then it disappeared entirely. Why the hell she didn't just fire me I really don't know. That was strike one.

This was also the year that Revenge of the Sith came out. It was a family tradition to see a new movie together when it came out in theatres and my dad had gotten tickets a week in advance. When he told me, I left a note on the board at work stating that on that day I would not be available. I was getting jack on hours at the time so I didn't really think anything of it. But lo and behold I was scheduled that day. I called in to the manager several hours before the shift and said I wasn't coming in. He said I'd be written up and I said calmly to go ahead. Bitch Manager was doing the schedule and I was under the impression she had done that on purpose but I could never prove it. Still, strike two.

EmployeedroidEarly in the spring, I was coaxed into going to senior prom. I didn't really care to go but friends and family kind of forced me into it. A list at work was created for every high school person who would need off that weekend for prom. Naturally, I wrote on there and plans were made and life went on. Then the week before came up and of course my name was plastered for the entire weekend of prom. I was practically livid.

My parents had paid for a nice tux, contributed to the meal we would be having, and they were chaperons at the high school that night. No way was I going to miss out at this point. I went to one of the "cool" managers and explained the issue and he said he would take care of it. And I thought I was relieved from work that weekend. Day after prom, everyone was sleeping in and life went by as usual until around 4 pm a phone call comes in from the Bitch Manager asking where I am. I told her that I was given reprieve but she said that I was on for work that night. I was beyond livid at this point. I said I would be in, slammed the phone down and got ready for it. Strike three had happened.

After the 4 hours I worked, that night was the quarterly meeting about upcoming products and changes. At the end of the night I pulled aside a different manager and gave my resignation. There were two kickers to this. One, my pay had been increased by a quarter, and I had gotten more hours. Too bad, I was done with them at that point. Two, when I came in for the last week of work on a Monday, the Tuesday and Thursday I was originally scheduled for had been blacked out. I talked to a coworker and she said that night was my last and wondered why I wasn't told beforehand about the last-minute change. Gee, me too. I finished that night off, came in for my paycheck one more time a few days later, and never looked back.

Sorry for the length but there was a lot involved at this place.




California Slim

That is the kind of manager that causes places to go out of business by driving away all the good employees. Corporate should [in general] be alert for those kind of managers and fire them before they can destroy stores.

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