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Toxic Manager Hell: Manager Viciously Insults Lost Loved One

Asshat bossesCat here.

I got sent home early yesterday from Big Red Star. Why, you ask? Because of my comfort object.

A bit of backstory. In late January, my best friend committed suicide. Those who are versed in the Internet-reviewer community (and I know some of you are, I've seen a LOT of Nash references on this site) may know who I am referring to.

My friend's favorite video game character was Wario from Super Mario Brothers. Ever since his death, I have carried a plush Wario doll EVERYWHERE with me. I don't go down to the supermarket to buy milk without this little guy in my purse. He even sits on my wrap stand at work, and I have not gotten any complaints, ever, whether from manager, coworker, or custy. Hell, the store manager has happened upon me when Wario is on my register, and she considers it my little mascot.

Another note here -- I have Asperger's syndrome. YES, it is officially diagnosed (people who misdiagnose themselves as an excuse to be assholes is pretty much my berserk button). I'm pretty sure part of the reason why I feel the need to carry this doll everywhere is an autism thing.

So one of my coworkers notices Wario and asks me why I have him. I explain the situation and expect that to be it, but she just keeps pressing. Why did my friend not get help? Why did nobody else know about it? Questions that have been rattling around in my OWN brain since the day my friend died. It gets so pressing that I just break, sobbing into my Wario.

Most of the managers at my Star are pretty okay, but there's one -- I'll call her Ashley -- that everyone swears has no concept of cheerfulness. Ever. And wouldn't you know it, she's the manager on duty, and she happens to pass by while I'm in this state.

"Why do you have that stuffed animal?" she demands.

Still sobbing, I manage to choke out the words, "I need him." Now, I'm aware I should have said more, but I was not in a frame of mind where explaining it wouldn't cause me to get even more distraught.

Carolanne fuck you double"You can't have that thing on the sales floor," Ashley snipes.

Like I said, I've been carrying Wario around for four months, and this is the first time anyone has complained about him. "Y-y-you don't understand," I sob. "This is something I need. He helps me. I'm hurting."

"It's a stuffed animal," Ashley says disparagingly. "You're, what, 21?"

That did it. "My best friend committed suicide," I say. "My best friend. This doll is like my meds. I would not have him here if he did not serve a vital purpose, and that is helping me heal from the tragedy that has affected not only me, but people around the world. If we had someone who lost a family member at Sandy Hook, you'd let them wear a green ribbon, wouldn't you? I don't see how this is any different."

Ashley rolls her eyes. "If you don't put that stupid thing away I'll have to send you home."

If you're aware of my friend, you've probably seen a video of him giving an impromptu motivational speech telling all his friends that none of us are stupid and we are all important. For Ashley to blatantly call this doll stupid is going against everything the doll stands for in my mind. "I want to go home," I say, dissolving into tears again. Ashley says nothing else as I clock out and take my leave, still clutching Wario, still crying.

I feel so ashamed. I want my friend to be proud of me, not for him to see me as some work-shirking flake. But I was so angry.

I miss him.

-- Cat (based on this nickname, those in the know can probably figure this one out)



Toxic Managers: You May Be Out Of State, But You Need To Get Here

Jason ArghFrom: Logan

Not about illness, but still not being able to make it to work. I had been out of town for a day, for a non-regular job I also did. My car broke down on my way back. It was later in the day, so they weren't able to get it fixed that night, but they got it diagnosed and said they would be able to fix it by the next afternoon.

So I got a cheap hotel room and called work to tell them I wouldn't be able to make my lunch hour shift the next day. The policy was we had to call in at least 2 hours before our shift if we were sick or couldn't make it in. I figured it would be better to give them as much notice as I possibly could especially since it was a lunch shift.

I got a hold of the manager that was working and explained to her that I was stranded out of town. She said I would have to call around and find someone to cover my shift. No problem, I didn't mind trying to get the shift covered. The only problem was I wasn't able to get the big book of numbers to get the shift covered.

She said she didn't have time to look up numbers for me. I explained that I understood that and I wasn't trying to be difficult, but I literally was not able to get there to get the book, and if I could then I wouldn't need to get the shift covered.

Carolanne hear no evilSo she started looking up numbers to give me to call. "They're already working, they're already working..." She told me everyone was already working, so I would have to come in.

Me: "I am over 120 miles away, even if I start walking now, I'm not going to make it."

Finally, she tells me, "Candy (the manager for the next days shift) is here, talk to her."

She hands her the phone. Candy asks what's going on. I explain that I am stranded out of town and can't work the next day, she simply says, "No problem, I'll get the shift covered."

And that was it. Why was that so hard?