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Working Alone In Hell With Chatty Custys And A Long Line


Jason ArghFrom: Logan

Working alone is horrible...

I worked at a fast food place and got stuck working frontline, drive thru and grill, during the dinner rush.

The dumbass managers decided to take everyone else including themselves to unload the truck. Even with the drive thru wrapped around the building they didn't think that maybe I needed help.

The customers were actually pretty nice about it. They were taken aback by the fact that they had me working all three stations like that.

Yet they would still try to talk to me as I dashed back and forth. "Gee that's just terrible that they would do that to you. It must be hard to keep everything in order. I remember back when I worked....."

Seriously, you realize how overworked I am, but you think I have time to discuss how overworked I am. I look back and still don't understand why I didn't walk out that day.

I really should have just clocked out, walked out the door, passing by everyone unloading the truck and told them I hope the lobby full of customers aren't tearing the place apart and stealing all the money.

I really regret that I didn't.




Former Bank is Now a Coffee Shop That is Self-serve and Custys Pay on The Honor System




Formerly a bank, "The Vault" is in Valley City, and is a self-serve coffeeshop where you pay on the honor system. There is no staff, but it's owned by a husband and wife. Apparently they are doing okay business and folks are being generous and not stealing. So great to see people embracing this and being honest! Now that the story is out in the world, I hope they have not been invaded by NATs and Rats!