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Learning The Wrong Thing Right From The Start

Can't Even Wait In Line To Make Demands



Not quite a scammer, since she doesn't have a "clever" plan for her requests, but here's one for you anyway.

Where I work we have this one old lady who comes in every day and just parks herself at the counter right next to someone who's ordering. Doesn't matter that there's a line.

She'll also always try to get something for free.

The other day while she's waiting in line (!!!) I go ahead and make her sundae and sit it next to the cashier, indicating whose it was.

This old bird asks, TWICE, "Are you giving this to me?"

Both times I say, "No, but this person will be happy to ring you up for it."






I don't understand this at all. After the tenth time it doesn't work, why keep trying?

Rachel Glenn

Insanity is repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.

She thinks if she just keeps trying, it will magically work.

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