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Bookstore SlaveUuuugh...

Work to do? Yes.

Have Experience? Yes.

Good Boss? Yes.

Dream job? Damn near.

Position available? Nope. 

If ever you were to strike everything but the Mega on the lottery, you still wouldn't do too badly; getting a good chunk of money in the process. In this case, everything but a position available means I'm still SOL.

To those who most likely don't remember, I'm volunteering at the hospital Volunteer Services Office with Wonderful Lady.

This is an office that has enough work for four people, and they have one full timer (WL) and a new Part Timer (PT) and me.

Apparently, PT is having some difficulty getting it through her head (in the last two months, 30-something hours a week) that prospective volunteers don't get an interview till they clear the background check. Whereas I, (on two days a week, four hours a day) had learned the ins and out of volunteer file processing in a matter of weeks (been there for years now and could do the job half asleep).

It is my greatest lament. All HR has to do is wave its pretty little wand and create a position (even part time would be awesome) for someone to Manage the Volunteer Files.


  • Check applications for completion
  • send off to background check
  • contact volunteers for interview date.
  • create Interview packets (updating info, copying sheets, assembling the packet)
  • do interview
  • take completed paperwork.
  • schedule Orientation. Carolanne book2
  • create orientation packets (updating info, copying sheets, assembling the packet)
  • do Orientation
  • take further completed paperwork
  • create physical file
  • create digital file
  • follow up for last of the paperwork (reference letters, TB test completed etc)
  • assign volunteers to a department based on availability
  • done.


It's all easy work, but really time consuming, and it's quite a big job to take on despite the low actual list of tasks to do. If I were to be in charge of JUST this work, it would fill my day; part time, or even full time. It would take a huge ass workload off WL and PT (they still have a LOT of crap to get done on their own even without this workload) and it would give me a paycheck.

All I need... is for the position to exist.... argh! And it's not a make-work job either; I know the work, I can get it done, and WL already knows first hand how good I'd be at it. And it's a position that, logically and realistically, really SHOULD exist in one form or another, because the workload in the department exceeds the staff currently working there AND leaves the department perpetually behind in everything.

I am totally okay with tedious, time consuming, or even "paper pushing" work. Hell, a lot of people would be bored as hell with the stuff I do as a volunteer, but damn did I feel like King Kong on Steroids when I tackled a huge project and got it done, even on my limited volunteer hours.

*sigh* Tripped up by HR. -_-;

May all your HR know what the business really needs,




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