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Deli HellFrom: DeliWorker

This happened about two weeks into my job working at a grocery store deli.

It's a weekday evening so the place is dead and me and a co-worker are standing at the counter chatting with each other. This woman walks up to the counter and just stands there glaring at me.

I'm in a pretty good mood so I make eye contact with her and smile thinking she's going to tell me what she wants. When she doesn't say anything I ask if there is anything I can do for her.

She then lets loose with the longest nastiest string of curses that I had heard in a long time. She then starts yelling at me for being a lazy asshole and purposely making her wait (10 seconds) and that the store needed to stop hiring stupid inconsiderate kids (I'm 23 mind you).

Me and my co-worker just stood there dumbfounded while she continued to berate us. Eventually, she stopped cursing me out long enough to bark her order at me and then thankfully left.

Totally ruined the rest of my night though.






Had something similar happen in AOhelL... spent five minutes pissing and moaning about having to wait two minutes on hold and why was that? "Because everyone starts a call by spending five minutes complaining about how long they were on hold. What can I do for you?"

Rachel Glenn

"I'm sorry ma'am, you saw us looking at you. Anyone with a brain would know that they can start ordering now."

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