Hilarious Slip-Up with Help Wanted Signage
Unique Business Card From a Cheese Store


T. .Glyphstone

Dunno what he's talking about. That sounds delicious.


Yeah, seriously. The fried chicken ones, not so much, but caramel apple sounds good.

Chana Conley

Not if they turn out like the Strawberry ones. So much chemical taste and no real berry taste.


Nothing actually tastes like strawberries. :P Including strawberries. I lived in one of Florida's main strawberry producing areas, and even those tasted the same vaguely sweet stuff.

Mass market strawberries, much like tomatoes, are bred for longevity and portability, not flavor. Only small 'artisan' growers still produce the varities that taste like what the chemical is supposed to, but they don't travel well, so unless you can see one from your house, you've probably never had a good strawberry...


TT, I know the feelz. I miss my little strawberry patch now.

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