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Phone bitchFrom: Phone Bitch

The McDonald's here is ridiculous.

My friend and I closed the other night, so after work we decided to grab some food afterwards.

I got a chicken snack wrap and a small fry. When I asked for some mayo for my fries, the girl sighed loudly and handed me some. The fries were stone cold as was my snack wrap.

My friend ordered a big mac with extra sauce and she asked for pickles on the side, they straight up told her No, she could not have pickles on the side.

Why? Donno, she just couldn't. =/

--Phone Bitch




Sales Agent Guy

That poor woman, I hope she's going to be OK.

Sales Agent Guy

Ack, sorry, I mixed up my windows.

What I meant to say was I'd call the store and complain. There was NO need for that behavior!

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