Capital One Helps Custy Pay Their Bill Online By Giving Them a New Keyboard
Forget Craters in Siberia, Mysterious Door Spotted At Wendy's


Mel the Library Slave

Do people actually buy those hideously-colored trees on the right side of the picture? Who would want an orange Christmas tree?


Garden Ridge is a lot like Hobby Lobby. They put stuff like this out early because a lot of people buy their deco a little at a time or several months before Christmas in order to keep from spending a fortune all at once in the winter. I did that with my first decorations and tree.


*falls to the floor twitching and foaming at the mouth*


I worked at a Garden Ridge, and YES, people buy these. I miss the days when they had books for a dime. That was one of the few perks working there.


Bad enough they're being put out in August, but those have got to be the ugliest Christmas trees I've ever seen!
I'd take a Charlie Brown-style droopy twig w/single ornament over one of those.

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