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This story was originally posted on: August 07, 2011


Donna gets a Retail Balls award for not caving into a dumbass manager's attempt to bully and manipulate, saying she'd have to choose her job over church:

Balls award3I worked at the same retail drug store for almost 9 years with no major issues other than the usual stupid custys.

I have dealt with some pretty idiotic managers though. I walked out on one this past May over scheduling.

I've always had Wednesday evenings off for church. The store manager went on a medical leave for 3 months for foot surgery. The company sent an assistant fresh out of management training and who's never run a store before. The first thing she did was throw away everybody's availability lists, telling everybody we were available when the store needed us.

Of course this went over like a lead balloon as we had one gal working part time while in school, one guy who used this as his second job, and several with other reasons for their available hours.

The district manager stepped in (surprising) and told her she couldn't do that, but she still tried...of course making working on days when people called in because they weren't available pure hell.

She started trying to schedule me on Wednesday nights, did this 4 weeks in a row despite my continually informing her...verbally and written...that I wasn't available due to church.

By the fifth week, we had a new store manager (the one on leave returned and was transferred to a different store). I went over the assistant's head to the store manager telling her the schedule needed to be fixed because I kept being scheduled during church services.

She said she'd have a talk with the assistant and get it fixed. The next day the assistant takes me into the back room and starts yelling about why did I have a problem with her scheduling...

Carolanne fuck you doubleAgain I told her she was scheduling me during church services and by law she couldn't do that. She went on about how the store needed me, they were short handed, if I didn't work she'd have to do it by herself (out of 12 people I doubt she'd be by herself).

I told her we could do display changes in the morning, they didn't have to be done at night...she had a fit and told me I couldn't have it both ways, it was my job or my church.

I took my name tag off, slapped it on the counter, said "bye" and walked out.

That night, I applied for unemployment and filed a complaint with the EEOC. I got the unemployment, they appealed and lost :D.

I'm still waiting on the EEOC complaint. The last letter I got stated they haven't answered that complaint yet, but I have a friend who works at the store where the previous manager got transferred to and she had gotten a phone call from corporate asking about the EEOC complaint.

It is part of the EEOC laws regarding discrimination. Regardless of the type of company, if they have more than, I think, 20 employees (and this is a nationwide chain so they have a LOT more than 20 employees) they cannot discriminate against you because of age, gender, race, national origin, or religion. Companies cannot schedule to work during your normal religious observances. Hence why you don't see Jewish kids at school on Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashannah. There was no contract, but the availability for this was on my original job application and was passed from manager to manager (they changed managers like dirty underwear).

Part of working retail hell is knowing your rights as a retail slave and what the bosses can and cannot do. I have read some posts by slaves about stuff bosses have done that they shouldn't get away with, but the bosses have no clue about the EEOC laws. For everyone's reference:





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