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Awesome Custys: Cleaning Up After Themselves


Awesome custysFrom: N/A

I love it when custys clean up after themselves. It almost never happened to me, mostly because we really weren't mean to let customers clean anything so even if they did say, "Oh let me do that."

I had to tell them it was OK and of course they rarely argued.

There was one time a little girl dropped some juice on the floor in front of my demo counter and the mom argued with me saying she'd clean it up. I gave her a cloth to clean her daughter up but said I'd do the floor.

Bear in mind that I was hugely pregnant at the time but short enough to mostly hide that fact behind the counter.

She did begrudgingly agree to let me clean the floor until I came round and she saw my belly at which time she said, "Oh no you don't! Get back there and sit down while I clean this up, I'm not letting you get down on the floor to clean my mess in your condition!"

Very sweet.

-- N/A



Zoo Hell: Pushing And Shoving To Take Pictures


Son of thrognarFrom: Son Of Thrognar

Regarding the line cutters, I don't know how people manage not to beat the crap out of rude people. If someone rudely pushed past me after I told them I wasn't putting up with their shit, there would be a fight.

When I was at the zoo and the aquarium on vacation, people would be rudely pushing and shoving to get pictures of the animals, with no regard for the fact that everyone else was trying to get pictures of the animals. After a while I got sick of it, and would push back.

Like I said, at one point I decided to get rude myself and hold a spot for my son so he could get close enough to get pictures. People kept getting in front of him and preventing him from getting to me, I held a spot and reached for him, cutting off people from getting in front of him ignoring the dirty looks I got.

I started saying things like, "It'd be a lot easier to take pictures if people could say excuse me, but nobody seems to know that friggin word!" and "Jeez, I hate rude people! They just bump right into you like you're not even there!" I said these things loud enough, that I hope the people they were directed at heard them.

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there will always be assholes who don't care about anybody, but themselves, and fuck you if you have a problem with it.

--Son Of Thrognar



Arguments Do Get This Stupid...


Bookstore SlaveI was a customer this time, and for some reason, I just decided to poke the bear. I stuck my nose in, pointing out that coupons expire for a reason, and there was NO law requiring the store to accept it.

Custy: "You know what? Fuck you!"

Me: "No thanks, you're not my type."

Custy: "I wasn't inviting you, bitch, I'm saying FUCK YOU!

Me: "And I said YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE!"

Custy: "Are you fucking stupid?!"

Me: "You're the one arguing with me over the context of this conversation..."

Custy: "Fine, go fuck yourself!"

Me: "I have a boyfriend who does the job just fine, thanks."


Me: "I don't respect you enough to take your advice. And you're still arguing with me about this."

He finally realized that there was no way to win and just stormed out, swearing like a sailor.