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A Clusterfrag Of Aftheads Invades PhotoFemme's Vicinity


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Okay, we had a clusterfrag of aftheads tonight.

Twelve year old kid who was rude to his mom, being impatient and backtalking as he then complained that the 'perfect birthday card' he picked was eight bucks. His mom got a $2 card, but as I reached to ring it out the hellspawn SHOVED another card in front of it that was $3. He then snarled "Keep da change!" as his mom paid in change. That hellspawn also stole my pen.

I understand people have limited incomes. But this next lady had spent 3+ hours in the store and then started snapping, "That's not 75% off! Why is that full price? Why is that toy $2 if it's 75% off?"

My manager, Teeny Doctor (she's petite and a Dr. Who fan) had to rattle off estimated full prices from memory. I wound up putting away over half of it. I also had to void off large parts of the order before she was satisfied.

Look, I hate having to ask if you got your flu shot. Corporate wants us to sell the vaccines! I do not need to hear you anti-vaxx scrap. It doesn't cause Autism! I know because THIS FEMME HERE *points to self* HAS AUTISM AND READ HOW THE ASSHAT FAKED HIS RESULTS. You have a higher dose of mercury from eating a tuna sandwich. Just a simple "No thanks," or a "No thanks, the shot makes me sick," will suffice.

Carolanne coughI answered a phone call for photo (I was register). This person ordered and paid for a poster print. She did not like that we did not 'cut the border off' (we do this only if the customer is there and gave us permission), cut it herself, and messed up. Quote, "I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for this ruined poster I want a new one free."

Teeny Doctor had to say yes, as we had a feeling a 'no' would lead to Corporate being called.

Also, wish me luck that the scheduling snafu I'm in gets fixed. The system ate a request off I placed IN JULY and thus I got scheduled. Note for the future: never, EVER say anything remotely like "If there is absolutely no other solution... ...I guess I could come in." It might be translated as "Yes! Put me on for that day! Yes I have obligations and plans set since early this year but HOLY SLAG YES LET ME SLAVE FOR YOU!"





EmergencyTech(Formerly CasinoEMT)

For Paramedic class I had to do a research paper (25+ pages) on influenza and found out some interesting things. The flu shot literally cannot make you sick. It can make you feel a little yucky for a couple of days as the body is fighting the dead/deactivated hemagglutinin and neuraminidase antigens that are in the vaccines. So if you did get "sick" it's because you were sick before or the CDC did not come out with the right strain of vaccine for the year. :) Just had to throw my 2cents in for that too. It's one of my annoyances- ignorance. :)


I know all that, and I understand and believe it (Science FTW!) but if I get a flu shot, I invariably get sicker than shit for two weeks or more. Without, I get the sniffles and a cough for a few days or so; with, Nickelodeon from the 90s would tell me to knock it off...

Kai Lowell

I tend to be healthier without the shot too...although that may have something to do with the fact that it gives me seizures. :P


The fact that they took my temperature before injecting me (totally normal) then within 2 hours I had muscle spasms that began at the injection point and within an hour after that spread across my back and then head to toe and then I spent the next week in bed with fever, chills, and flu symptoms must have just been a coincidence.


Meep. Now I'm glad I just get really runny...

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