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Carolanne axeFrom: Freckles

All I have to say is, thank for the love of all that is holy on this earth I just turned 21 when this happened.

I was working for Horders at the time. This self righteous blonde; fake tanned, Louis Vuittion carrying woman with her mini-me 5ish year old daughter; came up to the info desk where I was marooned for five consecutive hours (on a Saturday). Blond Bitch (BB for short), approaches while I'm in the home stretch (45 min to lunch). And the exchange goes like this:

Me: "Hi how can I help you?"

BB: "Can you watch my daughter so I can browse for books for myself?"

Me: "I'm a stranger. You have no idea who I am, where I come from, what I've done, and what I'm capable of. Is that the message you want to send to your daughter? That it's okay to talk to strangers? If you're unhappy, and I can see that you are, allow me to call my manager. He will tell you the same thing." I delivered that soliloquy with a beauty queen smile that Miss America would be envious of.

I than called my manager. Lady Luck was on my side. My fave manager was on and he loved me. He flies up to info and looks at the woman.

Favorite manage: "Ma'am, kindly leave my store before I call the police and the CPS on you for child neglect. And if you ever set foot in here again the police will be called immediately. We have your photo on camera. I'm going to print it up and post it all over the back so every employee knows what you look like. You can exit quietly or we can make a scene."

BOO-YA!!! Best manager ever!!!!!






a 5 yr old?!

she could have handed her ANYTHING to just carry it around, and she would have been occupied. like, spend 10min and pick out some book for her (that you will then purchase) and hand the book to the tot while you browse. or get them one of those 'lap desks' (beanbag filled underside with a solid top), throw a box of crayons and a notebook in your purse, and the kid would have been plenty happy sitting down nearby and just coloring for a minute or two. and hell, new cell phones all have a 'kid mode' where she could just lock down her phone and hand it to the child to tinker with while she browsed.

that lady shouldn't reproduce.


I doubt that woman can even read.

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