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Son of thrognarFrom: Son Of Thrognar

If I see people ignoring their little demons I say, loud enough for them to hear, something about their parenting skills, or how horrible their children are being.

One time a lady not only shot me a death stare but told me I didn't know what I was talking about since I don't have kids. My son was at home with his mother at the time, so I told her, not only do I have a child, but he's better behaved than her little brat (and yes I used pretty much those exact words).

My wife always tries to make me keep quiet when we're out and I want to speak up, but I find a way around it. I look at my son, point at the demon spawn and say (again loud enough for the irresponsible parent to hear), "I'm glad you don't act like that."

And my son says "That's because I know better."

I love my son.

--Son Of Thrognar




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