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Closing Time Nightmares With Deli Peeves


Deli HellFrom: Deli Brat

I slice cheese, chicken, ham, turkey and sausage in my deli.. among other random deli meats.

I REALLLLYYY relate to the closing at ten thing. I am also off at ten.

Customers don't realize that it takes forever to clean, then sanitize, my entire dept... Then to have them order at 9:45? WTF?! 

I then have to clean my slicer, counter, whiteboard, wrap station, scale, and redo my floors then retake out that trash that I used.

And if we get overtime, we get in trouble. I hate closing! Oye!

--Deli Brat




McHell Manager

That's not really the customers fault. That's more of management-suck kind of a deal.

So if I, who often works until 9pm, cannot make it into the store until after my shift is over, comes in at 9:45 after I stay late trying to help out my store, you glare at me because I have the "audacity" to order something while your counter is still open? Last I checked, 9:45 pm =/= 10:00 pm, therefore you are still open and obligated to take my order without any grumbling or griping.

It's not my fault I am ordering meat/cheese/etc while you are still -open-. It's your managers fault for not scheduling you enough time for cleaning -after- your counter is closed.


I agree with McHell Manager on this one, though I sympathize with the complain Deli Brat. I had the same problems when I worked Walmart layaway. Department closes at 10 or 11pm. My schedule is only until closing time... but if a customer walks up at 9:59 PM I had to help them. And we can't leave customer packages unstocked. And we had to break down our til and take the cash and keys to the office at the front of the store. And no over time. >_<


I agree with the above. If I go to the deli counter and 945 and am done by 955 I have made it in before they closed. I'm not a sucky customer for doing my shopping during open hours.
OP, what do you think the cut-off should be? If you close at ten, should customers stop coming at 9?


This is really managements fault, not the customers. Management needs to ensure you have adequate time to do your end of the night stuff, either by scheduling you past store close or by closing your department early. And customers have no way of knowing whether you're given time past close to clean up, so if they see you open they're gonna order stuff (myself included).

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