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Custy Dilemma in the Ikea Parking Lot




in fact can't you still use the stove top part of the oven even if the over door is shattered?

this story reminds me of one where the custy needed her oven/stove fixed RIGHT AWAY- BECAUSE IT'S EASTER!- HOW THE BLEEP IS SHE SUPPOSED OT GET EASTER DINNER READY FOR OVER 50 PEOPLE WITHOUT HER OVEN?!!

ok well you need to make other plans;
-call a local repair man (you will have to PAY him, because this will not be covered under any warranty) but he migth be able to come out on a holiday.

-or cook somewhere else.


Doesn't she have a microwave or toaster? I've been without an oven before, without the hob either, and I managed even though it was difficult. It certainly wasn't the end of the world, just depressing.


I have a toaster oven. I hardly ever even use my regular oven anymore. Maybe she should consider buying a cheap toaster oven to use.


Yeah, I've lived in my apartment almost 8 years and I've literally turned on the big oven like four times, and all but one was for a turkey that wouldn't fit in my toaster oven.


You can still use the oven even with the shattered door. Ours has been like that for a while now (slum lord landlord) and it's still functioning.

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