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Hellspawn And Bad Parents: Slap Your Mom, Get A Toy


HellspawnFrom: BORDERline Personality


I was closing my store this evening when I hear this nerve-shredding scream. I see this little kid of maybe 3-4 struggling to get out of his passive-aggressive mothers grip all the while whining for her to buy him this toy.

My jaw literally dropped when this little brat actually HITS HIS MOM IN THE FACE!

I was going to give her props for walking out of the store without buying the thing (even though she left the damn mess for me to clean up), but sadly she caved into the little demon. She came back about ten minutes later and bought it anyway.

I could actually still hear the kid screaming out in the parking lot through the plate glass windows.


--BORDERline Personality





I have seen this in my shop, I'll have to submit it because even after over 2 years my jaw still clenches when I think about the little shit who actually kicked his father up the arse and instead of slapping the little toe jam the father just said: "What did you do that for?"

In my experience you can't be a friend to your children only a benevolent dictator. Until they are old enough anyway.


People have become massive wusses. Part of parenting is teaching your little mistake how to be human, and 'never telling it no' is not a good way to do that. I'm not advocating constant beatings, but this whole 'slap on the ass = 40 years in prison for child abuse' is just stupid.


Tech, can you please not use childfree phrases like "little mistake"? We all agree parents aren't perfect but some of us didn't make mistakes having them, some of us chose to be parents and parented too. You are just tarring everyone with the same brush with incendiary phrase like that.


Do you buy your kids toys for slapping you?

In this instance it was mistake as in 'it was a mistake to allow those particular idiots to breed'. I hate kids, generally, but I don't care if people have them.


It was your phrasing, it generalised rather than specified. I have no problem if you don't like kids, it's absolutely your choice, just as it was mine to have them.

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