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In Response Of Tipping To-Go: Definitely Tip For Catering!


Carolanne argh 3From: Jenna Brittain

I work in a restaurant. I never expect tips on take out orders. I expect tips otherwise. It's just the norm.

Know what royally pisses me off? Earlier this week I got assigned to a catering order - all I had to do was help make it and drop it off. I got picked for the job because a) I have a gps, and b) I have a civic (the rest of my coworkers have trucks). I was really excited when I saw that it was a $200 catering order. Catering orders usually give pretty good tips and it means I get an unofficial long smoke break, AWAY from horrible customers.

I got to work an hour early so I could prepare it, left early to make sure that I got their on time, and got it there ten minutes early.

I got a ten dollar tip. I got a 10 dollar tip on a fifty mile round trip, through the busiest part of the metroplex with the most traffic, in a strange neighborhood. I used 1/4 a tank of gas and dragged my ass out of bed early.

I was expecting at LEAST 10%, so $20 to make sure my gas was covered. My gas was NOT covered by this trip, I actually LOST money doing this.

Seriously. If you or your office orders catering, especially if you're ordering from a place that is 25 miles away, (hence the fifty mile round trip) always tip well. Catering orders usually require above and beyond preparation and brain cells.

--Jenna Brittain