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CosmeticcowCosmeticCanuck here again with excellent news and some sweet payback!

So I have been job shopping around at our other sister stores because my manager has been doing some pretty shitty things with scheduling. Last year I worked all of the Thanksgiving weekend and didn't really get a chance to spend time with my family (by the way, Thanksgiving is in October in Canada). So my boss is making the schedule for October already because she likes to have everything in place, which hey, its pretty sweet having everything set out ahead of time.

Recently she hired a new girl that will remain nameless. But she gave her that weekend off, because she 'requested' it. SERIOUSLY. So me and the same girl who always work, got stuck with the Thanksgiving weekend... like last year... AGAIN. I'm pissed.

So fast forward, they are building a new sister store closer to my house and that is larger, has better hours and flexibility because of the layout of the store and the demand of the store. So I applied. SWEET HOLY HELL. I got an interview, she called and I flipped my shit, so excited. I am so sick of my crappy fucking manager and am I ever thrilled I even got an interview. I will let you know how it goes.

My other little bit of news is more of a payback treat to all the shitty parents who drop their children regardless of their age. If your kid breaks the fucking law, or damage product, I will make them pay for it. Most of the people we have issues with are either ignorant parents or kids too young, but I also have repeat issues with girls on the cusp of puberty. You know the ones with that self entitled 13 year old twit look on their face, that carry tiny purses and come in in hoards. So lets call these lovely young ladies StupidTwit 1, 2 and 3. Because they came into my store in a pack of 3.

VampireCue StupidTwits walking in, gaggling and laughing like a bunch of loons. Grabbing everything and being really loud. I'm standing there with another cosmetician and we are watching these girls pretty closely. We find thefts happen really easily with big groups of these girls. We have all these little tables that have new products, limited time products and speciality ones on display. StupidTwit#1 walks up and grabs a limited time blue mascara and walks off down the isle to a mirror as far away as possible from us. StupidTwit#2 points and notices we are watching them. My other cosmetician we will call Popsicles, because all I've ever seen her eat is popsicles.

Popsicles: "Did that girl just open that and use it?"

I look and sure enough, StupidTwit#1 has opened the container and applied it to her eyes, I watch her for a moment as she then hands it to StupidTwit#2 and she proceeds to put it on and handed it back to Twit#1. Let me point out that any 'testers' we have are already open and CLEARLY marked that they are testers. They keep looking over at us and I am sick of it and walk up to them.

Me: "Hello ladies, just to let you know that is not a tester, so you will have to pay for that." They look like I have slapped them in the face as I say they have to pay for it.

StupidTwit#1: "My friend said this was a tester so I tried it". She closes it and tries to hand it back to me holding it out.

Me: "NO, I don't think you heard me. You used it, therefore I cannot sell it to someone else, and you have to pay for it."

WolfshoppersStupidTwit#2 gets her panties all in a knot and tries to get high and mighty.

StupidTwit#2: "You can't make us pay for it."

Me: "Would you like me to call mall security and you can discuss it with them?"

Both girls turn white and proceed to go to my cash register and count out all of their change to pay for a 13$ mascara, that gee, they couldn't afford without combining their money. They left the store mouthing off calling me a bitch and mumbling to themselves, but I felt very accomplished. We have young pre-teens come in every day and damage a lot of products because they 'just want to try it' and I am sick of it because they feel like they have no responsibility.

Please, if you want to try something, ask me, or if you aren't sure whether its a tester, ask me! That's what I am here for.

May all your custies be observant.






Gotta love StupidTwits. Just the other night I did the exact same thing as you but with fragrances that were not testers and was rewarded for my efforts by being screamed at that I was accusing them of stealing and that at every other store they were allowed to spray whatever the hell they wanted and swearing at me in every word they could think of and to top it off insulting me by saying I could use a diet pill when I told them the correct way to the door while still being completely and totally polite.

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