Pssh, Duh! You Don't Eat Gum, You Just Chew It! (Also, Ewwwww! This Should Not Be Necessary!)
Movie Theater Custys When They Can't Remember the Correct Title of the Movie They're Going To See



My roommate had it worse than merely this. My roommate was required to train the guy who was promoted over him for a position that my roommate actually suggested be created.

Chana Conley

I've had that one happen. Right now I am covering for a position at work and have a temporary pay raise. I applied for the position officially when they opened it up. So if they hire someone else into it, not only will I have to train the new person, but I will take a cut in pay back to my old salary to do it. Pretty much putting salt on the wounds.

Zellie Crescent

I would say "since he's getting the promotion instead he doesn't need any training" and walk away.


Yep. Trained my current mini-boss.

Larry Berry

Similar situation,we had a position called Crew Trainer. It was a Crew leader and trainer role below manager that was a promotion with a pay raise. I was just a regular crew person below that position and of course making less. Working with 4 of those Crew Trainers, the manager told me to train new person...... Wait you've got 4 "Crew Trainers" who are all being paid more for that position and you're telling the one person who isn't to do the training???

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