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Carolanne derpFrom: Theatre Angel

One of my local grocery stores has food in bulk bins and little baggies to scoop the food into. My problem is that I never get the right amount of food for whatever container I want to use for storage. Is it rude to bring my jars with me and put the store's plastic baggie inside before scooping?

Any advice will be welcome.

Also, I hate the pigs who leave bagged items they no longer want just laying there.

And read all the large signs: no sampling means keep your grubby paws and the paws of your hell spawn out of the candy bins!

--Theatre Angel





Someone will probably give you shit for it, but as long as you're using the baggie (you'd want to do that anyway, so you don't end up paying for the weight of the jar) I wouldn't have a problem with it, myself.

And yeah, while I loved the idea of being able to buy stuff in bulk, I quit after I saw someone's crotch-dropping wandering along digging its paws into the stuff, then sticking them into its mouth, then back again to the next one.


If you're using your own container for bulk items make sure to tare it out first. That is, weigh the jar first so they can subtract the weight of the jar. I weighed my jars and just wrote the weight on them in sharpie so I don't have to keep re-weighing them whenever I refill them.

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