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Nasty Ass ThievesFrom: Marvinator

When I worked retail back in the dark ages, we had a Security guard who wore a sidearm. (These days, they cannot.)

He came into my store once after a group of guys had come through and I was sure my pipe shop was missing a lighter. He went and found the NAT's and TALKED them into coming back to my store, where he actually felt the guys coat and pockets and found the lighter. (The kid didn't even smoke!)

Another time, some kids came into the mall on their bikes, leaving marks on the floor. The guard caught them and told them that he was going to take them to get some cleaning materials and they could clean the floor. The kids start whining about how he can't do that and they'll run.

He looks out the door of the mall and unsnaps his gun. "I think you can make it to about the second row of cars before I bring you down..."

First Kid says to Second Kid: You think he'd do it?

Second Kid: I know he'd do it.

They cleaned the floors. Ya gotta love good security. I rather miss those days.





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