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Help Stop Black Thanksgiving: Take The Pledge Not To Shop On Thanksgiving



We have taken this pledge in years past. Now it is time to take that pledge again! At RHU, we know the trials that come with Retail Hell, and the businesses that open earlier and earlier on Black Thanksgiving.

As former retail slaves, we pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving. If we forgot to get something for our dinner, we will do without it. We take this pledge in solidarity to our retail brothers and sisters who are dragged away from their families.

Please share this pledge, in the hopes that it will spread!

The Pledge Not To Shop on Thanksgiving is promoted by Reason for the Season on Facebook.






RHU Pet Peeves: Complaining To The Lowest Rung


Freddy baldFrom: OX_Bigly

I was a bagger in a grocery store and people always wanted to complain to me about prices or whatever other bug flew up their ass on a particular day.

I was like, "I’m the lowest ranking position in this store with all the respect and authority that comes with it. Complaining to me is like complaining to your garbage collector about how your state is being run."

Seriously, you're assuming that corporate would give half a rat's ass about any complaint that I DID pass on. If it comes from me, that makes your complaint worth less than nothing. They'll listen to YOU complaining, far more than they'll listen to ME passing on your complaint.




Customer Abuse Induces Vocabulary Minded RHUer Response


Jason beerFrom: Counterjockey

I always love being insulted by customers. </sarcasm>

There’ve been a few times where whoever took the customer’s order forgot to type in whatever changes they wanted made to their food (ex: different sauce, no tomatoes, etc.). Because I didn’t have that on my screen, it doesn’t happen.

During one such incident, I was referred to as, um,…how to put this delicately? Ah! “A mentally handicapped piece of dog fecal matter.”

How delightful that their education gave them such expansive vocabulary!  I am sure they'd be more than happy to "self inflict intercourse and then expire."