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RHUer Question: About Soliciters


Carolanne sassFrom: Glitterslinger

I have a question about people coming into a store to sell their products.

I am a manager for a store that, while nation-wide and corporately owned, is set up basically like a large boutique. I've worked at three different locations in the past two years. At every single location, we occasionally get people coming in who are trying to sell their product to me. I've had everything from make-up companies, pizza chains, to cell-phone companies come in and try to get me to buy a set of coupons, or sign up for something.

They generally ask for a manager, so I think there must be some sort of law about soliciting your business from customers currently inside another business. Apparently, employees are exempt from that rule.

Jason laptopI'm usually able to get them out with, "I'm not allowed to have my purse on me while I'm on the clock, so nobody who is working right now will be able to buy anything from you."

My question is whether this practice is legal? Should I be reporting these solicitors? If so, to who? The shopping center I'm currently in doesn't have security.

I did have one guy who approached my customers while I was ringing them up. I wasn't very polite, telling him, "Could you please not try to make my customers your customers?" I brain farted on the word "solicit."

His partner hurried him out of there, and the customers thanked me for being the "bad guy."

Thanks for the input!






There's always the good line of "My company does not allow solicitors. If you try to solicit my staff or customers, I will be forced to call the police for trespassing."
Also, make the faceless, nebulous corporation the bad guy. "Corporate policy," makes a wonderful scapegoat especially if when they get persistent, make it appear your job is tied to enforcing this specific policy, or if you want to go the bad-ass route, channel Teddy Roosevelt and say that a policy unenforced invites corruption. The threaten to scratch, bite, and kick them in the balls. [I know they're different events in his life, but a little mash-up never hurt. I don't suggest giving a speech with a bullet in your chest as a sane emulation of TR.]

Late Night Geek

See if you could put a 'No Solicitors' sign on the doorway.

The only other thing I can think of is to ask for their business card/ information and shoo them out the door.

Bored at the Bookstore

I used to get LOTS of solicitors at the bookstore - artwork, phone services, cable service, charge card services, "fine jewelry", meat (yeah, I'm going to buy meat from a passing stranger!), make up, scented candles, toys, and worst of all, books at retail cost! That guy was really persistent... I finally had to say, "Look around you - what do we sell here? Riiiight - books. What makes you think I want to pay _retail_ for more of the same? Now, get out and don't come back - I will call the police if I see your face again." He left.

Account Deleted

InSecurity - I am generally pro-nonviolence, but there is a certain poetry to your advice. I may try that.

Late Night Geek- Unfortunately there is a very set list of signs we are allowed to put in the windows. I don't even ask for their business card, but I the whole, "purse not allowed," thing is my attempt at politeness.

Bored - these people are officially endorsed by some company or another, usually. The other day a cell phone company whose name rhymes with C-mobile came in to sell me on their plan. I have to wonder how big of a success rate this process actually has.

What pissed me off the most was when they approached my customers. I have no problem brushing people off if they are not actually customers looking to buy. But the moment he tried to sell his crappy make-up swag bag to the sweet old ladies buying stuff for their granddaughters, I snapped.

I get that for these solicitors, their job is another level of retail, and they don't really have a choice when their boss tells them to come in and bother me. I really try to be nice to them, since it's not their direct fault. I'd rather find a way to punish the companies sending them my way.

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