Vending Machine Conundrum
Re-Entering Hell, BassLady Seeks Advice



I... I'm not seeing the slip up. The shirts are under the "tops" sign and the shorts under the "bottoms" sign. By appearances the clothing under each sign is "activewear" in that it is standard male workout/recreational sports clothing. The closest thing I can think of that might be slippy-ish would be that its a gay joke, what with us gay dudes often defining ourselves as "tops" or "bottoms". But in that case its not an obvious gay-joke or slip up unless they relabel the sign as "power bottoms".

Su Chan

Yeah, I think that one whooshed over most of the readership kitai306.

Here's an alternative (sub)title, making it slightly more obvious: "Do I have to choose one or can I have both?"

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