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Carolanne and thenFrom: Chicajojobe

Last year our store opened at midnight, and you know what? It was totally underwhelming.

I came in to work about 6AM and worked until 2PM. There was almost no one there until about 11AM.

The people who opened at midnight said there was a small initial wave, but then they were bored off their asses for hours.

And, really, it makes sense. I mean when you're on vacation, do you get the burning urge to get up and go shopping at 4AM?

No, you want to sleep in! At least, most sane people do. I guess I'm talking about the minority, but the lack of customers does say a lot...





Account Deleted

True. I guess the people who don't come in at 4 AM are the ones who worked retail... or simply have brains. I mean, I worked for two days and today's my first day off (not working again until next Friday) and I slept in until about 12 PM. Almost 12 hours of sleep. (If I didn't wake up every few hours)

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