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"Thirty Three Years Of Retail Management Experience!"


Droids groupFrom: Retail Zombie

I need to share this one because it needs to be shared with the world. If only to save yourself the headache I had to suffer with.

My store has a display of a brand of building blocks made popular by a summer movie that were set for a specific price for certain ones. Now, because we had to have like items on the display as well, there were a couple that were various prices, but for the most only the ones that were on sale were there. There was also an accompanying sign that details which blocks were specifically on sale, as well.

So...I get a call from another department; a lady wanted to buy a set that were not on sale and was not one of the ones specifically on the sign.

Jason boredShe kept going on about "having 33 years of retail management experience" (even though she never actually said where she worked at or if she was still employed), and she was adamant on getting her way. She mentioned taking a picture of the sign as proof, and she started asking for the manager. Even though the sign literally showed which ones were on sale, but that was neither the point or what she wanted to hear, because yeah. Me, being me, that was my code for "Yeah, my work here is done; your turn;" she had already zoned me out when she went on, ad nauseam, about her "33 years of retail management experience."

My department manager and the M.O.D. had a nice LONG conversation about display management and how signs should be displayed (because "33 years of retail management experience", ya'll), and needless to say, she eventually got her way and the product. All that headache for a toy. I hope whoever she gives it to plays with it for a day, then throws it away...

--Retail Zombie